Pink Paper



This is a personal essay I wrote about my encounter with Anida Yoeu Ali's performance piece 'The Buddhist Bug'. After writing about it for Plural, I felt there was still more say to about the piece and my reaction to it. This is my most personal art writing.

I was commissioned by Wei-Ling Gallery to write the text for Yau Bee Ling's fourth solo exhibition. As part of my process, I interviewed the artist and the text incorporates both the artist's reflections and my observations of her new work.

A review of Cambodian-American artist Anida Yoeu Ali's thought-provoking multi-disciplinary piece The Buddhist Bug: A Creation Myth

A fun article I wrote about the intersection of national identity and Miss Universe national costumes.

A review of imminent Indonesian artist Dadang Christanto's first exhibition in Malaysia.

A short personal narrative about my experiences voting from overseas.

A mini-travelogue about my day at the Georgetown Fest, and a curatorial misstep by the festival.

An article I co-wrote about the #PulangMengundi phenomenon that sprung up in the wake of the midday polling day during Malaysia's 14th General Election. This article also appears in New Naratif: The First Year, an anthology of articles from New Naratif's first year of publication.